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president obama restored the united states prestige or damaged it with apologies? listen. (cheers) >> i will restore our moral standing so america is once again that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama em barks on the first european swing focused on the languishing glowing economy. >> if you look at the source of this crisis the united states certainly has some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate, the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system. >> after already apoll guysing for sending the global recession partially in motion the president also apologized for america looking down on europe. >> in america there's a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges there have been times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derissive. >> can i ask you whether you prescribe as many of the predecessors have to the school of american exceptionalism that se
a price for that >> this time they are doing with it 1/6 of the united states' economy giving away not just hundreds of millions, giving away billions year after year to get this mismatched awful piece of legislation through the senate. outrageous. >> sean: what the political consequences? who pays a price for this? >> i think about 2006 the republicans made the mistake of thinking that earmarks weren't going to be a big deal. remember that they passed it over? we had the bridge to nowhere. this is a bill to nowhere because it doesn't get you where you want to be, i coined it. any way, it doesn't get them where they want to be. even speaker pelosi took a shot at the president saying this isn't the bill we thought we were going to get she is going to pass it through any way. >> it is so naked. it is so obvious what is going on. you can't pull the wool over the people's eyes. they noah is going on and who is -- they know what is going on and who is going to pay. >> sean: republicans were up nine points as we begin the new year. we see the president's approval ratings. does this trans
the united states the situation in earthquake ravaged haiti gets more grim by the hour. i am geraldo rivera at the airport at port-au-prince. the people of the stricken land go hungry and thirsty, even the little babies. >> we don't have food enough for the babies. we have babies that are younger than 1, and we have water for only two-days. >> as inadequate as the sincere relief effort has so far been there is relief for some haitian americans who are gradually being evacuated even as many others overwhelm the u.s. embassy trying to get authorization to leave a torn nation that may be slipping into anarchy. tonight even as the stars rally to the cause fox news core spn dent, jenkins, rivera, house sen and salanis we will try to give you an accurate picture of what is going wrong and what is going right in this mel lancholy and increasingly desperate place. >> there are increasing incidents of violence. we are looking at that very closely. we do need obviously a safe and secure environment to continue and do the best we can with the humanitarian system. >> welcome live to what has suddenly b
a chance to pick up four to six seats in the united states senate. i now think the republicans have a chance to pick up between five and eight seats. they've already picked up two. they've picked up massachusetts and then i gotta tell you if there's a candidate poised for victory it's replacing dorgan. we lead in five other seas in the senate. this could be an earthquake this fall. i'm sort of cautious about these things but it is looking like rather rather than taking 20, 22 house seats we could take more. >> sean: the question i've been asking everybody this week, give bill clinton credit he will be shocked if he is watching to hear me say that he did pivot. he did change. he did move the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. there's been no evidence that i have seen in barack obama's past or this first year in office that shows any signs of moderation. do you think co-pivot, change, moderate, move to the right, move to the center? do you see him capable of it? >> yeah, look any president can sort of gauge the situation. people get elected president gene
-- the major threat to the united states was the terrorism attacks in the country. there was a profound emphasis on al-qaeda and terrorism up until i think the decision to go into iraq. and then the operations in iraq consumed all of the energy. the situation in yemen has deteriorated over the last several years because of a concentration on iraq and a concentration on efforts tran gential at best to al-qaeda. this president understands that the threat to the country are bands of al-qaeda terrorism. >> chris: i don't want to relitigate the bush years but let me ask you about a specific decision that jon kyl talked about that has stuck in a lot of people's craw and that is the decision to charge abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant instead of as an enemy combatant. he did talk but only for 30 hours and the fact is according to a lot of interrogators 30 hours is not enough. why not? what is the -- let me ask you it this way? what is the downside to continuing to treat him as an enemy combatant? >> well, first of all, we have charged and in many cases convicted hundreds of individuals sin
vote in the united states senate. >> what is the next move if you only have 59 senators? >> health care mind be dead. >> sean: voters are choosing who will fill the seat left vacant by the late ted kennedy. >> it's the pooh people's seat. >> -- >> things will wrap up at 8:00 tonight. the polls in massachusetts are closed and the republicans returns are pouring in. scott brown the republican will win the massachusetts special election. >> i just off the phone with scott brown. i've offered him my congratulations. >> this does change everything. >> this in many ways a national referendum. >> an election that will shock the political world and have reverberations all around washington. >> time to end business as usual. >> what happened here in mass mats can happen all over america! -- here in massachusetts, can happen all over america! >> sean: we are one day removed from the shot heard round the world the stunning come from behind victory by republican scott brown in the massachusetts special election. the sweeping victory by the gop in the bluest of blue states no doubt has democrats acr
. >> if the president of the united states is going to describe the state of the union he has to describe to us why that decision was made. it seems like a totally irresponsible decision. a terrorist who wanted to kill hundreds of people is captured. he's talking and we cut it off. why and who made the decision? some person made that decision. was it at the local level? the national level? was it the president? did they interrupt him on vacation to get him to make the decision? if they didn't interrupt him on vacation, why didn't they interrupt him on vacation? >> sean: as i was watching he seemed angry. it seemed like at one point he almost wanted to recapture that mood of the campaign and expect the chamber to stan and say yes we can, yes we can! did you get that? >> i did. he was flailing about. his attack on the supreme court was unprecedented. i've never soon a president do that try to embarrass the supreme court. try tomorrow brass the membership. trying to get his partisans who all up, several leaning over the justices clapping. i happened to have justice's decision here he misstated the dec
of approval rating has dropped further and faster than any president in the history of the united states. >> is it good politics to say i am now a spending freeze kind of guy? >> if you follow through it can be. i think one of the reasons that the left wing won't complain that much they know congress won't stick to it and they look at all the things they are getting any way and it doesn't matter. >> severe test in oregon, a democratic state voting right now on whether to impose higher taxes on the rich and corporations. it may go down to defeat which is a revolution in a place like oregon. suggest that economic class warfare is not working any longer. >> sean: i guess my fear is, and i felt like somebody i was a voice in the wilderness saying he's radical, socialist, extremist and a lot of people ignored it. if it is a head-fake to the center can he pull that off? can the american people when they watch tomorrow night, are they gonna buy that? >> no >> people see 15 billion dollars compared to what else we are spending, no. if they follow through, congress will follow through that would
out law enforcement, provide security? does the united states forces there -- i'm sure they can defend themselves what about more jen -- more generally who is providing security? >> united nations forces have enough to provide security and stability one the construct of what they are doing here and they are doing that the police have been devastated as well. we've seen increase in presence of the police on the street. but it's limited. we do have to secure ourselves, as you said but also have to address how we are able to continue our humanitarian assistance mission in a safe and secure environment. so we have to work and we are working along side the united states, united nations and the government of haiti to continue this security challenge that we face. >> general keen, thank you for taking this time. dr. shah thank you for coming in. saturday president obama asked former presidents george w bush and bill clinton help with the haiti relief efforts. they sat down with major garrett. >> president bush, president clinton thank you for joining us. first question, do you intend to go to
to the person world to the united states to do harm. it is huge progress. those are important words. >> sean: janet napolitano said the system works. every single time there's an incident, mr. secretary, every single time, we hear, i don't care if it is fort hood this airline attack, we keep hearing almost immediately, this is not terror-related. why are they say quick to calm the waters and the fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related? >> that would be my preference. it is difficult to suggest that the fort attack was not terror-related. i don't know major was given guidance orders or took inspiration from the cleric but to suggest it was a criminal act defies what i think most americans -- doesn't pass the sniff test, most americans understand that >> sean: two have spoken out, one democrat, one republican. lee hamilton, democrat he says what he thinks is pervasive throughout the country, complacency, inertia, business as usual attitude, he thinks it is harmful and he thinks the president has a major share of blame. do you agree the presid
. whether it is julian bond, whether it's the attorney general of the united states, eric holder, in effect he said, i've known you for a long time, anything that i can do, anyone you want me to talk to, i will be happy to do that i appreciate people writing nice things about me. there's a wonderful editorial in the "l.a. times" today and a number of things on the huffington post. i got a call last night it was night. i was surprised he was up this late from secretary salazar. he said make sure you tell everybody that you have done more for diversity in the senate than all the rest of the people put together. >> sean: the book that started this "game change" they are going to be here you don't want to miss this interview. this isn't reid's first misstep when it comes to race. it seems many of those who preach to us about these issues are some of the worst offenders. prince harry's shocking comments are the lateness a series of intemperate remarks. this isn't the first time he has made racially insensitive comments. >> we've seen it again and again, we like to pretend america's health care c
against the united states. totally different set of rules. >> sean: i was asking in the last couple of times you have been on the program, very specifically, if you thought that barack obama had the ability -- you witnessed this up close and personal,e tendencf preservation, the ability to move to the center, to the right, as bill clinton did on endingóiÑ welfare as we know i. the era of big government is over. was that question answered for nut president's state of the union wednesday night? >> i thought it was a very weak state of the union. i thought he was all over the place. he was pandering to every group, a little here, a little there. it was very disorganized. i thought hisl' style was weak. peter roth in u.s. news had the right analysis, he say he looked so small compared to a previous great speaker. he said no, i'm not referring torc(ñ george w. bush or ronald reagan, i'm talking about obama the candidate. if you look at how relatively lacking in authority he was last night, and compare it to what was like as a candidate this is sort of an amazing shrinking presidency
against the united states. different set of rules. >> i was asking you in the last couple times on the program, very specifically have you thought that barack obama has ability and you witness this up close and personal. and maybe the tendencies or... self preservation... the ability to move to the center or to the right as bill clinton did on ending welfare as we know it. was that question answered for you in the president's state of the union wednesday night? >> well, i thought waits a very weak state of the union. i thought he was all over the place, pandering to every group. a little bit here, a little bit there. very disorganized. i thought his style was weak. actually thought peter roth in u.s. news had the right analysis and he said he look sod small compared to a previous great speaker. said no. i'm in the referring to george w. bush or ronald reagan but obama the candidate. if you look at how relatively lacking in authority he was last night, and compared to what he's like as a candidate, this is sort of an amazing shrinking presidency at the present time. >> did you th
my press credentials because there is no reason why i private citizen in the united states of america... >> i want to just, this is the part you're holding up credentials. he's in your face being overly aggressive here. then, you have the right to walk on a street. don't you? >> yes. any citizen as right to walk on -- anyone has right to walk on public streets in washington, d.c.. and approach a candidate running for elective office. the question the candidate has a right not to answer. and reporters are right to -- have a right to repeat their questions. i've spoken to cokely before. >> last question. we're running out of time. you only wanted to ask about comments all terrorists left afghanistan. it's a good question. she said she's not privy to the facts surrounding this incident of we have a picture. she's looking at you on the ground. >> i mean, she could have asked any, that operative working on the campaign what happened. she was walking a little bit of'd of me. she heard the clanging and she turned around when she saw that. i believe. i was on the ground. i don't know exactly
you are comparing a disc jockey that attack -- >> sean: united states majority leader in the senate. >> do you want an answer or ask and answer your own point? you are comparing a disc jockey that attacked young black females on a basketball team as nappy-headed -- tkwarb a statement by someone that described a speech pattern that i he used the wrong term but it was not a recognizer to term. you have the united negro college fun. >> sean: do you think that is what harry reid meant? >> the republicans would have -- >> how many people said when mrs. clinton went in certain churches she uses certain cadence. >> sean: she did. >> why those people being racist? >> sean: you answer your own question. >> i'm asking you? >> neither one of you can score. tell me -- [ talking over each other ] >> i want to know how you could say trent lott, saying strom thurmond, who i voted for and who we all supported and america would have been a better place if he had won for president how that's just a toast? >> sean: more with reverand sharpton and ann coulter. harry reid's reelection campaign in major
him. there's no reason a private citizen in the united states of america -- >> sean: this is the part where you are holding up your credential, getting in your face being overly aggressive. you have the right to walk on a street, don't you? >> yes, any citizen has the right to walk on the streets public streets in washington, d.c. and approach a candidate running for elective office. the candidate has the right not to answer. reporters have a right to repeat their questions. i've spoken to coakley before and she answered some of my questions. >> sean: you only wanted to ask about her comment that alter s have left afghanistan, which is ab hurt. coakley said she is not privy to the facts surrounding the incident. we have that picture, where she is looking right at you on the ground. is that disingenuous? >> i mean, she could have easily asked the operative working on her campaign what happened. she was walking a little ahead of me. she heard the clanking and she turned around when she saw that i believe. again, i was on the ground so i don't know which way she was looking when the push
that he knew that were other specific plots again the united states. this raises the question i, you and others raised at the time. if we have a guy that has a bomb in his underwear trying to blow up an airplane and kill 300 people and we don't interrogate this guy, how dangerous are we making this for the people in this country? i think that is one of the biggest stories for this administration so far. >> it should be. this story ought to be on the front pages of every major newspaper. instead we are getting ellie's letters everywhere. it underscores the law enforcement approach. the failed ally mcbeal approach to fighting terror. as many have joked, many spend more time on job interviews than this guy had in the few minutes he was interrogated by the incompetent fbi. >> sean: it is an eye opening story we appreciate your hard work and all the bloggers. those evil bloggers deserve a lot of credit. thanks. time to check in with greta van susteren. look at that grin. that grin means there is something big coming, greta? >> greta: something really big. besides karl rove and newt gingri
'm a candidate for the presidency of the united states. >> sean: early 2007 amidst whispers of an affair hunter's videos are taken off the website. son after edwards' wife of 30 years announced her cancer has returned. >> her cancer is back we are optimistic about in, because having been through this -- been through some struggles together in the past. >> sean: october 10th, 2007 national enquirer publishes a story saying he an affair with a former staffer. does not name hunter by name. >> i've responded to these tabloid allegations by saying i don't respond to these lies. >> sean: before the 2008 primaries edwards friend and aide andrew young claims paternity of hunter's child. january 30th, 2008 edwards ends his campaign. >> it is time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path. >> sean: february 27th, 2008, hunter's daughter francis quinn hunter is born. the father's name is left off the birth certificate. august 8th, 2008. >> i made a very serious mistake. a mistake that i am responsible for. >> sean: he denies fathering the child. >> it is not possible that this child could be
for another vote in the united states senate. if that were to occur -- of course there would have to be all sorts of deal, make a deal with the pro life democrats in the house they would fix the other language later fix other things later second bill to fix the problems in the first bill. the question is whether house democrats, not senate democrats, whether house democrats are going to be bill -- willing to walk the plank after massachusetts. i would hope they would have gotten a clear message not to do that >> sean: ed, do you think this causes democrats to take note and say i don't want to be close to this obama agenda? >> i think up until now there have been two kinds of incumbent democrats those likely to lose in november and those who don't know it yet. right now what is going in massachusetts if brown wins tomorrow there's going to be more democrats to realize we are likely to lose in november if we continue down this path, raising taxes, doubling the debt over five years tripling it over 10 and trying to take over our health care system and destroy the quality of health care. >> sea
person in the world to do it than president of the united states that this is not an isolated incidental kwied is recruiting on a day-to-day basis individuals to recruit, train, pros law ties and have people do us harm. this is a president who understands the importance the words and these are important words. >> eerie time there's an incident every single time we hear, i don't care if it's fort hood or this airline attack we keep hearing almost immediately but this is not terror related. why are they so quick to calm the waters and fears of the american people instead of saying we don't know whether it was terror related. >> that would be my preference. it's difficult to suggest the fort hood incident was not terrorist related. i don't know whether major hassan was given guidance, direction, orders or gave inspiration from the cleric he was sending e-mails to but to suggest it was simply a criminal act defies what most americans, doesn't pass the sniff test. most americans understand that. >> two 9-11 commission members have spoken out one a democrat one a republican. lee hamilton democ
. where is manufacturing? the president of the united states goes to china, [ talking over each other ] >> you need manufacturing in the cities this is your party, it is -- >> it is your party is >> we need a manufacturing base. first of all that's what we should be for because it is democrats who manufacturing tends to favor. you can't be a super power and not produce anything. you can't do it financial -- let me say the problem with the republican party now is the fraud they perpetrate when they get up and get earmarks instead of standing up -- >> what does that have to do with what the epa [ talking over each other ] >> listen, i'm not arguing about earmarks. >> that is what matters. >> earmarks are not making the country go broke. how about you talk to job creators looking at what the epa is about to do to them, regulate them out of existence it is hospitals, schools, manufacturing and -- [ talking over each other ] >> let me tell you why my buddy pat is right. this is the opportunity of a lifetime. all the republicans need to do is promise no earmarks for them, ever again. if the
and speak out, the united states of america is going to speak out in support of those who desire this freedom. if he doesn't fulfill this as he claimed tonight, men more and more people are gonna say look mr. president we cannot trust you you have already broken so many promises don't go back on your word on this one. >> sean: governor we always appreciate having you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, reaction from the democrats. when question bam -- when we come back we are going to be joined by ed rendell and frank luntz in philadelphia f f f f . >> sean: just a short time ago president barack obama concluded his first state of the union address. joining me to give a democrat's take on the speech is the one and only pennsylvania governor ed rendell. governor how are you? >> good evening, doing good. >> sean: glad you are here. welcome with the opposition response. the stimulus hasn't worked. in spite of the president claiming we saved two million jobs. we've lost four million jobs in a year. is that legitimate or somewhat ma nip thrive to the people to
not be one person in the united states who does not have health insurance. >> so you want government to take it all over. >> just like it does for medicare, for people whoever over 65. >> why should everyone take care of the people that are uninsured? >> why does it take four years to get there? why don't they start taxing us now? sean: the remember the town halls that took place a lot this summer? one woman that made a lot of national attention was katie abrams. she then became a guest on this program right here. but you may remember this from this past year. >> i don't believe this is just about health care. it's not about tarp, it's not about left and right. this is about the systematic dismantling of this country. i'm only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened sleeping giants. >> you're going to bankrupt this country, you and the democrats, and you are making a mistake. >> i'm sorry, sir, but i don't understand your mentality. what do you think you accomplish by yelling? what do you accomplish by yelling? >> hello! let us ask the question. >> can i ask
is a bigger issue. we have more oil, more natural gas, more coal in the united states in anwar offshore in the 48 states and we continue to be dependent on foreign oil. how many would like to hear them say we will drill for refineries and oil and natural gas? how many agree with that? how many are against drilling in our own country. you want to continue to import oil? >> until that time, until that time shnt we be energy dependent? >> how can we drill against them. we can't. >> probably our oil. >> they are drilling sideways going into our oil. >> the point is this shows a lack of foreign policy and shows the rest of the world we don't know what we are doing. >> we will get to that. stay right there. coming up we cannot talk about 2009 without talking about the president's first year in office from his beer summit to his poor choice in one czar after another. we will have our studio audience reacting. we are almost at our mos outrageous video of the year. the president on his worldwide apolog apology tour. >> we have to acknowledge potentially we have made some mistakes. that's how we
! [ cheering ] >> i thank the people of massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator! [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ applause ] >> everyday i hold this office i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party. as i said before, and you've heard it today and you will hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! [ cheering ] >> thank you very much. i spoke to senator paul kirk and he has completed his work as the senator. [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ seat him now ] >> i spoke to senator kirk he was gracious he said he would help in the transition he welcomes me as soon as i can get there. i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. i want to thank him very much the people as i -- as you know by their votes has fill the office and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay! [ applause ] >> i also want to thank martha coakley for her call of congratulations. a hard contest is
they support us. >> you think is the only time in the history of the united states it has happened. i'll look it up but i'm confident this goes on all the time. >> sean: i've never seen anything like this. >> an idea that barack obama is the first person to ever "bribe a member of congress" is laughable. the idea that this doesn't go on all the time. >> you have to expose it. in this administration, has been one bribery after the next. that's the problem. that's why people are outraged. look at the polling. >> i'm not justifying that i'm just saying when you [ talking over each other ] >> sean: if the bill is not good enough to pass on its own when you are spending hundreds of millions everyone watching out there, look in that camera, they are going to pay -- going to pay for the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback. how do you justify people making $40,000 a year sucking it up and paying that? >> i think he should have gone with something that would move us closer to a single payer system and having a public option we would be in a different situation. >> the american people don't
picture that illuminates people, plots, methods, enormously available to the united states. by failing to do this they've done a very bad thing for the cause of american security. >> sean: karl rove, happy new year, thanks for being with us. >> one democratic congressman comparing the battle of health care reform to the civil rights act. >> wait until you hear what actress elizabeth banks had to say about little old me. straight ahead. hey -- who's our best presentation guy? carl. tell carl he's coming to new york with me. i thought you said carl was our best presentation guy. [ worker ] he is. just last week he told my team about fedex office print online for our presentations. we upload it to fedex office, then they print, bind, and ship it. the presentation looks good, right? yes, but -- wait, you didn't actually bring carl with you. good morning! but i digress. [ male announcer ] we understand. you need presentations done right. fedex office print online. . >>> president obama's so-called economic stimulus continues to be exposed as a total waste of your money. a group called new m
into a lear jet ambulance bound for the united states. we'll keep you up to date on the situation in haiti. thanks for watching. >> sean: just days from the massachusetts special election to fill the seat vacated by the late senator kennedy and with republican scott brown gaining ground on coakley the left is preparing to pull out all stops should the gop pull off a major upset tuesday. in order to preserve their super majority in the senate long enough to push through their health care bill, massachusetts secretary of state william galvin, a democrat, could delay seating scott brown. galvin claims state law would prohibit him from seating the winner at least 15 days after the election. this hasn't always been the case. when the democrats needed an extra vote to override a veto by president george w bush the laws were bypassed and tsongas was seated days after winning a special election in 2007. will democrats sink to this level to save their government take over of health care? joining me the former speaker of the house newt gingrich. has an online free newsletter you can sign up for. mr.
the electorate that sent scott brown to washington to serve in the united states senate. the only difference between massachusetts and president's plan is the plan the president has has strong cost controls that protect families on the premiums. i think the process has caused things like the healthcare plan to be character can interested when they contain tax cuts for small business to provide coverage for employees, cost controls so families don't see skyrocketing premiums and checks on insurance companies that can't discriminate against preexisting conditions. >> we keep hearing the main emphasis will be the economy, putting people back to work. the president is talking about $175 billion jobs program, more tax credits, spending for infrastructure and green energy. after the experience of the stimulus, does he really think that borrowing billions more, adding to the deficit is going to cut employment and put people back to work? >> take for instance the example you just used of the stimulus package. we had four quarters of economic regression in terms of growth. right? just last quarter we
everybody if you are from another country and you want to come into the united states, every person should then have a scanner. could we start there? >> well yes, i'm not knee-jerk opposed to these kinds of scanning measures if they are administered by people who know how to do them and will to take the steps to discriminate, yes it is not a bad word to do that to preserve our national security. >> sean: look at these images on the screen. you can't see faces. if we could ensure that we could do this right. if we could have a guy in another room, in another building that has no idea that's michelle malkin going through right now, that's sean hannity going through right now. if we could put in place those safety measures to ensure privacy -- i've been on jetblue three times in the last two months. i travel with my wife and my two kids. if i have to go through the scanner to get on a plane so i know i can fall asleep and start snoring or read your book, you know, i want to be able to do that i'd rather be able to do that in peace not caring that some guy saw me half, well kind of full naked
times that the president of the united states has put his credibility on the line in his first year in office and has come up unsuccessful. will that further impact the rest of his agenda? >> well, i'm sure it will. i think it will be -- there will be some in the democratic party rather than accept data from the people they are going ahead with what they think is the right thing and that arrogance i think is going to cause them to suffer in 2010. but i also believe the democrats who are thinking about how they should vote on key issues particularly the blue dog democrats are going to say i'm not sure i want to vote along the party line on cap and trade and obama care and higher taxes and cutting medicare. they are going to say no to does things. i think when the politicking time comes they are going to say i don't think i want to invite barack obama to come into my district, he does not make things happen. >> sean: amazing turn around one year ago think of where we were in the country. there's been talk about how this impacts health care. nancy pelosi said earlier today that health
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